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Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Youth

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Youth

When introducing children to mindfulness meditation, quality becomes a very important factor. Tools and resources are extremely important in determining a child’s level of engagement in mindfulness meditation - but having both tools, resources and a trained instructor guiding them through practices will substantially increase the quality of their learning and provide greater benefits. 

Benefits of Guided Mindfulness Meditation

By offering guided mindfulness meditation in schools, teachers, administrators and social workers will have the opportunity to support children and teens in the process of learning. Children and young adults navigate through their social-emotional development with the added pressure of academics, peer relationships, and other environmental stressors. A trained instructor will offer guidance and support through the process of learning mindfulness meditation. Managing distractions is an important factor in focusing on the task at hand and ultimately increasing quality of learning. 

Why Train All School Staff Members? 

When the entire school network such as administrators, guidance counsellors and social workers are provided with mindfulness training it creates a common language and practice, leading to a more mindful school community as a whole. Students can practice guided meditation at any time throughout the school day, so it is important that all staff have an understanding of mindfulness and the goal of practice so that they can support children when they need it most. Providing educational awareness of mindfulness meditation among staff will facilitate higher learning among youth while creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere among staff members. Not only can children benefit from mindfulness, adults such as disciplinary staff, counselors and guidance teams will reap benefits as well. 

Benefits of Using Mindfulness in the Classroom

Teachers who use mindfulness in the classroom are educated on the underlying meaning of what it means to be mindful, while learning the benefits of mindfulness meditation and exercises. Mindfulness meditation teacher courses educate instructors on various skills and techniques that will provide them with the opportunity to utilize the practice in a classroom setting. Trainees are provided with a greater understanding of mindfulness that they can use in their personal lives, and they are given the opportunity to share this knowledge with children and have a positive impact on their lives as well. 

Guided mindfulness meditation is not only useful to provide social-emotional support, mindfulness meditation training is also beneficial in terms of creating a network of support among all individuals in the educational setting. As educators learn, they become more aware of practices. Mindfulness meditation instructors are given the opportunity to positively affect the minds of children by spreading awareness and positivity within the educational setting while also being provided with tools to use within their own lives outside of their workplace. 

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