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Online & On-Site Classroom Calming Strategies for Teachers

Online & On-Site Teacher Training for Classroom Calming Techniques

Calm Classroom offers mindfulness-based training for educators who are searching for a simple, accessible way to support their students’ social-emotional needs using research-based calming strategies that elicit the body’s relaxation response. By integrating our breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques into the classroom schedule, students will develop emotional resilience and self-regulation skills, leading to a calmer, more engaged classroom.

Calm Classroom & Calming Techniques

Our trainings have helped thousands of teachers learn how to de-escalate classroom conflict and empower students with tools to self-soothe. Across a sample of 1,400 Calm Classroom teachers, 81% reported that their students are calmer and more peaceful after practicing Calm Classroom techniques.

Our online and on-site training will show you how to incorporate research-based mindfulness and relaxation response techniques into your daily schedule to help students learn how to manage stress and achieve a state of peaceful focus throughout the day.

Teacher Training


Calm Classroom Academy is our online introductory training course. In this 3-hour course, teachers, social workers, and administrators will learn how to introduce and manage all aspects of the program for use in classrooms and other learning spaces.


Our 2-hour on-site training supports teachers, administrators and school support staff in learning how to introduce, implement and sustain the Calm Classroom program school-wide.


Our Train-the-Trainer certification enables school staff to serve as on-site Calm Classroom facilitators in addition to providing ongoing program support.