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Online & On-Site Classroom Mindfulness Training Courses

Online & On-Site Calm Classroom Mindfulness Training

Calm Classroom offers mindfulness-based training for educators who are searching for a simple, accessible way to introduce mindfulness into the classroom. Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating present moment awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. By integrating our breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques into your daily schedule, students will develop emotional resilience and self-regulation skills, leading to a calmer, more engaged classroom.

Our online and on-site training will show you how to incorporate research-based mindfulness and relaxation response techniques into your daily schedule to help students learn how to manage stress and achieve a state of peaceful focus throughout the day.

Benefits of Mindful Awareness Practices in the Classroom

Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPS) like the ones found in Calm Classroom improve executive functioning, which includes working memory, emotion regulation, and self-monitoring. Research shows that participation in a program that utilizes MAPS leads to improvements in behavioral regulation and overall executive functioning in elementary school students.

Our data shows that a consistent daily practice of Calm Classroom techniques leads to positive behavioral and academic outcomes in students, and contributes to a learning-ready classroom environment. Across a sample of  1,400 Calm Classroom teachers, 74% reported that their students are more focused and ready to learn, and 81% said that their students are calmer and more peaceful after practicing Calm Classroom.

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Teacher Training


Calm Classroom Academy is our online introductory training course. In this 3-hour course, teachers, social workers, and administrators will learn how to introduce and manage all aspects of the program for use in classrooms and other learning spaces.


Our 2-hour on-site training supports teachers, administrators and school support staff in learning how to introduce, implement and sustain the Calm Classroom program school-wide.


Our Train-the-Trainer certification enables school staff to serve as on-site Calm Classroom facilitators in addition to providing ongoing program support.