Empowering school communities with mindfulness training that is simple, sustainable and impactful

Empowering school communities with mindfulness training that is simple, sustainable and impactful

Empowering school communities with mindfulness training that is simple, sustainable and impactful

The Calm Classroom Approach

Calm Classroom is one of the largest providers of school-wide mindfulness training. Since 2007, we’ve empowered educators and students to care for their mental and emotional health by practicing mindfulness-based techniques throughout the school day.

  • Engaging

    Breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques that are fun for Pre-K through 12th grade students

  • Accessible

    Our 3-minute scripted techniques can be led by teachers and students, and are designed to meet the needs of all learning and physical abilities

  • Research-Based

    Our results are backed by thousands of teacher surveys and nearly a decade of scholarly research on the benefits of mindfulness in academic settings

  • Trauma-Sensitive

    We train teachers to lead mindfulness in a way that is safe, invitational and welcoming to all students

See How it Works

Hear students and educators discuss the benefits of Calm Classroom


"This was an awesome and eye-opening course. I am definitely more aware of my students' needs and I have more empathy for them. I understand a lot more now what students could be going through emotionally when they act out in class...Thank you for this course."

"LOVE these PDs. Useful for self and staff. So organized and warm, and materials are great! Thank you!"

"I'm a seasoned mindfulness practitioner but this training taught me things I didn't know and helped piece together concepts in a simple and clear way! Thank you!"

“Great PD. I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of the trainers. So important. We’re planting seeds now for our students to recognize how to better take care of themselves and be happier more purposeful people. Thank you.”

“I am so excited and thankful for this program! It was extremely reasonable in price and the material is outstanding. I am so excited to give this to my students and myself. It is an everlasting gift in a time of uncertainty! Thank you for all the hard work to create this. I actually think I can sleep tonight knowing I have spent time creating a plan to bring order to chaos. Thank you for my safe space!”

“I feel so good after this training. I feel positive about steps and processes for self-care. I feel great about the gratitude I have for others in my life.”

Try Free Calm Classroom Techniques

Access over 100 free 3-minute scripted mindfulness techniques to try in your classroom!

Benefits of Mindfulness


Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of one’s inner life–one’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, values, goals, strengths, challenges, attitudes, mindsets– and how these elements impact our decisions.

Mental Focus

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating the skill of focused attention is an important factor in learning.

Emotional Well-Being

Students and educators are empowered with an understanding of how to regulate their nervous systems and cultivate mental and emotional well-being.