Calm Classroom

3-minute, scripted mindfulness-based techniques for the classroom

Calm Classroom

School and district-wide professional development and long-term support

Calm Classroom

Mindfulness and self-care skills training for educators

Our Mission

Calm Classroom is committed to cultivating peaceful, engaged classrooms and school communities by empowering students and teachers with practical tools that support mental and emotional wellbeing throughout the school day.


“This year my classroom is a lot more calm and focused. The idea of peace is what I needed all these years. My students are encouraging each other to stay calm in difficult moments. This year my students are less aggressive and have less conflicts. Thank you Calm Classroom!” 

Calm Classroom has had a powerful effect on me and my students. As a shared experience, we have developed a sense of community around these exercises. Together we have learned effective strategies for focus and relieving tension in our school environment.

Calm Classroom has benefited my students because it gives us daily non-academic time to come together as a community. My students who lead Calm Classroom feel a sense of ownership when they lead the class. For most students, Calm Classroom is an excellent resetting that helps us get focused and ready to learn.

As a daily routine, Calm Classroom has had a positive influence on my students. They can rely on 10 minutes each day to help them relax, calm down and get ready to focus. The classroom environment feels different after a Calm Classroom technique.

Calm Classroom makes us calm as the sea. Our emotions go from wild like waves to still and peaceful. We learn to focus and concentrate through breathing. We just calm down.

If more people did Calm Classroom they would think, "What’s the point of killing each other? Let’s calm down and think about it, let’s be brothers and sisters."

Why Calm Classroom?

Our mindfulness-based techniques provide students and teachers with the skills they need to feel happier and less stressed so that they can create a better world for themselves and others.

Self-awareness helps us to better understand how our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior so that we can make more conscious decisions.

Mental Focus

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating the skill of focused attention is more important than ever before.

Emotional Resilience

By learning effective emotional management strategies, students can self-regulate and achieve a state of calm in any moment.

See How It Works

Students and staff discuss the program benefits.

Easy to learn, simple to teach

Calm Classroom aims to nurture children's social-emotional development by using high quality programming that is teacher-led and sustained.

  • Engaging

    Breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques that are fun for students Pre-K-12.

  • Accessible

    Our scripted format makes it easy for teachers and students to lead the techniques with little-to-no prep required.

  • Research-Based

    Our results are backed by thousands of teacher surveys and nearly a decade of scholarly research on the benefits of mindful awareness practices in academic settings.

  • Efficient

    Our 3-minute techniques can be integrated seamlessly into any classroom schedule.