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Calm Classroom Academy is our online training course designed to train teachers, social workers and administrators on how to introduce and effectively manage all aspects of the Calm Classroom program. This 2-hour course can be taken in one sitting or in smaller sections to accommodate varying schedules.

Our interactive course engages participants with opportunities to practice the techniques, answer reflection questions, and take short comprehension quizzes to develop expertise in the program, as well as a personal understanding of the practice.

Topics include: Stress & the brain, mindfulness, the relaxation response, trauma, tips for teaching, Calm Classroom behavior guidance.

On Site

Our Introduction to Calm Classroom 2-hour on-site training supports teachers, administrators and support staff in learning how to introduce, teach and sustain the program school-wide.

We also offer ongoing professional development workshops throughout the school year to support staff in building their own mindful practice, strengthening their self-care skills, and utilizing SEL strategies in and out of the classroom to promote increased wellbeing.


Our Train the Trainer certification is intended for district staff, support staff, and staff from community organizations who support programming in schools. In this full-day training, participants will learn how to use our online portal to facilitate school-wide programming.

Participants will also learn to lead our 2-hour introductory training and receive guidance on how to provide ongoing professional development support sessions throughout the school year. In these sessions, staff will build their own mindful practice, strengthen their self-care skills and resilience, and learn how to utilize SEL strategies in and out of the classroom to promote increased wellbeing.

As a prerequisite to this training, participants must complete our online training course, Calm Classroom Academy.