What is Calm Classroom Direct Service?

Calm Classroom Direct Service is a training model that provides ongoing mindfulness-based professional development for educators via interactive virtual workshops.

Our direct service model empowers educators to nurture the Calm Classroom program throughout the school year while also developing mindfulness and resilience skills as a school community. Our workshops strengthen the connection among educators by creating a space for discussion, reflection and self-care.


• Learn mindfulness fundamentals for your classroom via our self-directed e-learning course
• Receive guidance from experienced trainers on sustaining the Calm Classroom program
• Experience ongoing professional development sessions where teachers can explore topics like gratitude, empathy and self-compassion for educators
• Learn research-based strategies for promoting greater well-being in and outside of the classroom

Why Mindfulness in the Classroom?

Mindfulness is a foundational skill that can help students and teachers reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental and emotional well-being, and engage more fully in the learning environment. Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to our present moment thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and surrounding environment with a kind and open attitude.

Get Ongoing Professional Development with Direct Service

Cultivate a school-wide culture of mindfulness with teacher-centered professional development for your whole staff. With Calm Classroom’s Virtual Direct Service, your staff can access ongoing professional development via self-directed e-learning, live workshops, and webinars.


"LOVE these PDs. Useful for self and staff. So organized and warm, and materials are great! Thank you!"

“Great PD. I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of the trainers. So important. We’re planting seeds now for our students to recognize how to better take care of themselves and be happier more purposeful people. Thank you.”

“I feel so good after this training. I feel positive about steps and processes for self-care. I feel great about the gratitude I have for others in my life.”

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