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Our Team

Jai Luster

President + CEO|Email: jai@calmclassroom.com
Jai Luster is the President and CEO of the Luster Learning Institute, NFP. His background in mindfulness, yoga and decades of experience in organizational leadership led him and his wife, Joy Luster, to develop the Luster Learning Institute and its Calm Classroom program in 2007. Their intention was to share the many psychological, physiological and social benefits that can be derived from a daily practice of mindfulness with the public school students and teachers of the United States. In his previous career, Jai was the Co-Founder of Mesirow Advanced Strategies Inc. and Executive Vice President of its parent, Mesirow Financial Holdings Inc. in Chicago, IL. Jai received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Colorado. He has been publicly teaching mindfulness and yoga programming since 1976.

Joy Luster

Co-Founder + Creative Director|Email: joy@calmclassroom.com
Joy Luster Co-Founded Luster Learning Institute, NFP with her husband, Jai in 2007. Joy is an expert in the area of health and wellness. She owns a fitness franchise and holds certifications in Yoga and Massage Therapy. Joy has a personal interest in self-awareness and has been thrilled to share this understanding with thousands of adults and children since Calm Classroom's inception.

Jori Griffith

Program Operations Director|Email: Jori@calmclassroom.com
Jori Griffith is a founding employee and has been with Luster Learning Institute, NFP for just over a decade. Jori received a double major in Sociology and Communications from Augustana College. She later attended Northwestern University where she received a Master of Science in Communication. Jori oversees local and national operations and helps grow Calm Classroom's reach through developing and maintaining relationships with foundations, corporations and school districts. Jori is grateful and humbled for the opportunity to share this beautiful work with the world each day. She has personally benefitted deeply from integrating awareness-building techniques into her life over the last 10+ years. As the mother of two young girls, she is passionate about empowering young ones with the self-regulation skills Calm Classroom offers. She began practicing Calm Classroom techniques with her eldest daughter at age 2 and sees the profound benefits mindfulness has on children's self-awareness, beginning at a very young age.

Maura Salisbury

Program Manager|Email: maura@calmclassroom.com
Maura holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. With over a decade of experience working with youth in a variety of settings, Maura deeply values the movement toward making mental and emotional health skills accessible to all young people and educators. Inspired by her own practice, Maura is trained to teach mindfulness and yoga to youth, and served as an SEL instructor in Chicago Public Schools before joining the Calm Classroom team in 2015. In 2019, Maura completed her 300-hour mindfulness facilitator certification.

Ronna Pritikin-Berk

Program Trainer & School Staff Mentor|Email: ronna@calmclassroom.com
Ronna Pritikin Berk taught language arts at King Arts School for 34 years in Evanston, Illinois. She believes supporting social emotional growth in students is equally important as helping students to become academically successful. Ronna has implemented numerous teacher workshops on topics such as literacy, poetry and creating a culture of community within a classroom. Ronna takes pride in the fact that she has taught three generations of Evanston families. A history of fulfilling experiences fuels her passion to continue to expand and enrich the lives of young people by joining the Calm Classroom team. Ronna loves connecting with people and laughing. She is dedicated to creating an emotionally secure and healthy world for all.

Miriam Tamara Derman, RN, L,Ac.

Calm Hospital Program Director|Email: miriam@calmclassroom.com
Miriam Tamara Derman is a licensed RN, Acupuncturist and Diplomate in Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbology. Her BSN in Nursing is from University of Illinois. She holds masters degrees in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and an MA from Columbia College in Dance Movement Therapy. She is a trained Shiatsu practitioner and has practiced bodywork for 20 years. Experienced in inpatient Psych Nursing, she has always addressed mental and physical health issues as interrelated. When it comes to good health, she values the practices of mindfulness to improve outcomes of all interventions related to the body-mind. She has studied the Heart Center with the late Brugh Joy, MD and is delighted to practice a heart centered approach to healing.