Learn Mindfulness Techniques for You and Your Students!

The Calm Classroom E-Learning Course is the foundational step in preparing teachers to integrate mindfulness in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to introduce and implement all aspects of the Calm Classroom program.

This interactive 2-hour course develops an understanding of mindfulness through practice and reflection, along with an exploration of how mindfulness can increase well-being and off-set the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma.

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Student well-being starts with educators. Get started today and learn mindfulness fundamentals for yourself and your students with our two-hour professional development course.

Calm Classroom E-Learning Course Overview

• Learn how to introduce and sustain the Calm Classroom program by integrating mindfulness-based brain breaks into your in-person or remote learning environment
• Explore how mindfulness can increase mental and emotional well-being and offset the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma
• Cultivate basic mindfulness skills through practice and reflection
• Understand the principles of trauma-sensitive teaching and mindful behavior guidance
• Connect with yourself and other educators through journaling and group discussion


"This was an awesome and eye-opening course. I am definitely more aware of my students' needs and I have more empathy for them. I understand a lot more now what students could be going through emotionally when they act out in class...Thank you for this course."

"I'm a seasoned mindfulness practitioner but this training taught me things I didn't know and helped piece together concepts in a simple and clear way! Thank you!"

"I am so excited and thankful for this program! It was extremely reasonable in price and the material is outstanding. I am so excited to give this to my students and myself. It is an everlasting gift in a time of uncertainty! Thank you for all the hard work to create this. I actually think I can sleep tonight knowing I have spent time creating a plan to bring order to chaos. Thank you for my safe space!"

Why Mindfulness in the Classroom?

Mindfulness is a foundational skill that can help students and teachers reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental and emotional well-being, and engage more fully in the learning environment. Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to our present moment thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and surrounding environment with a kind and open attitude.

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