Empower Your Staff to Support Mindfulness Practice in Your School

Our Train-the-Trainer program empowers school staff to become leaders in supporting mental and emotional health in their school communities by providing ongoing training to staff throughout the school year.

Our professional development sessions strengthen connection among educators by creating space for practice, discussion, and reflection while learning how to nurture the Calm Classroom program in their classrooms.

We offer this learning model via interactive virtual workshops.

Train-the-Trainer Overview

• Learn mindfulness fundamentals via our self-directed e-learning course
• Receive guidance from experienced trainers on sustaining the Calm Classroom program
• Learn to lead and sustain professional development sessions where your school staff will explore topics like gratitude, empathy and self-compassion for educators
• Practice research-based strategies for promoting greater well-being in and outside of the classroom

Why Mindfulness in the Classroom?

Mindfulness is a foundational skill that can help students and teachers reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental and emotional well-being, and engage more fully in the learning environment. Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to our present moment thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and surrounding environment with a kind and open attitude.

Train Staff Members to Lead Professional Development Training for Your School or District

Cultivate a school-wide culture of mindfulness by training staff members to lead professional development sessions throughout the school year. Our Train-the-Trainer program empowers school and district leaders to organize, train and support our school-wide research-based mindfulness program. Help your entire school community to decrease stress, improve focus, and create and a mentally healthy culture and climate


“I always look forward to Calm Classroom trainings and I always take away something important and moving. This program is meaningful and authentic, the presenters are professional, warm and truly believe in what they share. Thank you!”

“This has been one of the most beneficial trainings that can help me and others, the school, students, and in my personal life. Short, to the point, and impactful. Presenters are great!”

“These trainings are always so well-organized and useful. They are easy to follow and easy to bring back to our staff. I also really enjoy the activities we do because most of them can also be done with our students! Thank you for always being a positive part of my day!”

“I always look forward to the PD sessions you provide - you never waste our time - everything you present is practical and can be used in our own lives as well as with students - immediately. You believe in the material and it shows. So thank you. I appreciate your purpose, and the transformative possibilities of the Calm Classroom philosophy.”

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