Calm Classroom

3-minute, scripted mindfulness-based techniques for the classroom

Calm Classroom

Mindfulness-based professional development for educators

Our Mission

Calm Classroom is the largest provider of school-wide mindfulness programming in the United States. Our mission is to empower students and educators to cultivate peaceful, engaged school communities through the regular practice of trauma-informed mindfulness techniques that support mental and emotional well-being.


"Calm Classroom has been the #1 game changer in my teaching career of 7 years. I have never had a program make such a profound impact on my students' learning or well-being."

"In the short time that I have been using Calm Classroom, I have seen the benefits on a daily basis for both students and staff. I wanted to thank you for putting together such an effective program that can be easily implemented in the classroom. Honestly, I think that this program could (and in my opinion should) be implemented in every classroom in this country."

"Calm Classroom has benefited my students because it gives us daily non-academic time to come together as a community. My students who lead Calm Classroom feel a sense of ownership when they lead the class. For most students, Calm Classroom is an excellent resetting that helps us get focused and ready to learn."

"I teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To watch my students execute Calm Classroom is absolutely AMAZING! It REALLY helps them calm their frustrations and anxieties."

"After a fight occurred in my class from an outside student coming in and assaulting one of mine, I did a Calm Classroom technique and then did a reflection. It really helped center my students and allow them to reflect on how they felt observing or taking place in the fight. We came together as a community and it was incredibly beneficial. If I had just tried to pursue the lesson without it, It would have been impossible as they had so much anxiety and energy without an outlet."

"If more people did Calm Classroom they would think, 'What’s the point of killing each other? Let’s calm down and think about it, let’s be brothers and sisters.'"

Why Calm Classroom?

Our mindfulness-based techniques provide skills to students and educators to create a healthier, more empowered learning environment.

Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of one’s inner life–one’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, values, goals, strengths, challenges, attitudes, mindsets– and how these elements impact our decisions.

Mental Focus

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating the skill of focused attention is an important factor in learning.

Emotional Well-Being

Students and educators are empowered with an understanding of how to regulate their nervous systems and cultivate mental and emotional well-being.

See How It Works

Students and staff discuss the program benefits.

Easy to learn, simple to teach

Calm Classroom aims to nurture children's social-emotional development with sustainable, high-quality programming that is teacher-led.

  • Engaging

    Breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques that are fun for students Pre-K-12

  • Accessible

    Our 3-minute scripted techniques fit seamlessly into the classroom schedule and can be led by teachers and students

  • Research-Based

    Our results are backed by thousands of teacher surveys and nearly a decade of scholarly research on the benefits of mindful awareness practices in academic settings

  • Trauma-Informed

    Practicing mindfulness can bring healing to the effects that chronic stress and trauma can have on the body and mind