What is Calm Classroom?

Calm Classroom is a Tier 1 mindfulness-based SEL program for Pre-K through 12th-grade students. Our program helps school communities manage stress and achieve emotional well-being through the use of 3-minute research-based, scripted mindfulness practices delivered in the classroom.

We are currently one of the largest providers of mindfulness-based educational programming in the United States, and our non-profit has served over 100,000 teachers and upwards of 2.5 million students. Below are a few of the districts that have used the Calm Classroom program as part of their overall SEL strategy:

Simple, Sustainable, and Impactful

Simple to Learn and Teach

Our scripted mindfulness techniques can be read aloud or played through audio & video recordings, and are easy to learn and master with minimal training.

Fits Into Regular Schedules

Calm Classroom is designed to fit easily into classroom transitions, short breaks, or private counseling sessions. This lets us accommodate busy teacher schedules while improving program fidelity.

Supports Teacher Well-Being & Self-Care

Whether it's stress reduction, emotional regulation, or simple relaxation, teachers consistently rate Calm Classroom as effective for themselves, as well as their students.

Convenient & Cost-Effective Professional Development

Our condensed PD modules can take place during normal staff meetings, on professional development or early release days, or at other times that are already allocated in your school's budget.

Gary Comer College Prep. - A Case Study

Calm Classroom empowers students and teachers by giving them the tools to be focused, relaxed, energized, and ready to learn. Watch the video to see how Calm Classroom was able to positively impact the lives of students and educators at Gary Comer College Prep!

Calm Classroom Testimonials

“I have seen many programs come and go in the Chicago Public Schools and Calm Classroom is one of the few that I embrace with my whole heart. It is intentional, well researched, and consistent. The message is simple and elegant. It works.”

“The few, but powerful, minutes of Calm Classroom every morning and afternoon are some of the most meaningful, stress-free moments in each of our school days.”

“I believe Calm Classroom has helped the overall environment of the classroom. It keeps me calm when I feel rushed or stressed and makes me recognize my own emotions. I think the students feel better when they have a chance to take a breath and relax their mind.”

“I teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To watch my students execute Calm Classroom is absolutely AMAZING! It REALLY helps them  regulate their frustrations and anxieties.”

Calm Classroom has changed the whole dynamic of my classroom. My children are able to self-regulate their emotions more easily.”

Compare Training Options

Calm Classroom provides several training options to accommodate our school partners. Please see the comparison chart below to help determine the best option for your district's size, budget, and time constraints..
Self-Directed Training
Price per Teacher
$65 USD

This opt-in training model is designed for individual or small group implementations of the Calm Classroom program.

Staff members participate in self-paced training through our on-demand e-Learning Course. This course provides the necessary tools to implement the program in classrooms or counseling sessions on an individualized basis.

Additional Calm Classroom professional development, surveying, and support services are not included, but can be purchased à la carte.

  • 2-Hour e-Learning Course
  • On-Demand and Self-Paced
  • Online discussion & Journaling
  • Best for Individual teachers
Train the Trainer
Pricing Varies*

This model is designed for supporting large school or district-wide implementations of the Calm Classroom Program.  

Calm Classroom trainers will directly train facilitators chosen by district staff in virtual centralized workshops. These facilitators will then conduct staff trainings for each of their school locations, and will also lead four additional professional development modules.

All training is conducted virtually with a combination of e-learning and live Zoom workshops scheduled throughout the school year. 

  • Facilitator Training
  • Interactive Virtual Workshop
  • Four Supplementary PD sessions
  • Includes Calm Classoom Support Services
  • 2-Hour e-Learning Course
  • Best for Large District Implementation
Direct to Staff
Pricing Varies*

This model is designed for supporting a district-wide staff opt-in implementation of the Calm Classroom Program.  

Calm Classroom trainers will directly train the opt-in classroom teachers and staff to implement the program in virtual centralized staff workshops. School or district administrators will coordinate the required support functions for organizing training sessions. 

All training is conducted virtually with a combination of e-learning and live Zoom workshops scheduled throughout the school year. 

  • Staff Training
  • Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • Four Supplementary PD sessions
  • Includes Calm Classroom Support Services
  • 2-Hour E-Learning Course
  • Best for school & district-wide implementation

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Calm Classroom provides students and teachers with a positive proactive approach to supporting mental health and boosting engagement. Download one of our teacher survey reports to see the impact of Calm Classroom!