Calm Classroom e-Learning Course & Manual

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Hard Copy of our Manual

It's great to have a hard copy on hand for reference, and in the classroom.

ebook - digital manuals

1 year access to digital manual

Regularly updated, our digital manuals are great for remote teaching. They include both written and audio versions of all our scripts, as well as nature videos and can be accessed from any computer, tablet or phone via our Teacher Portal.

The Calm Classroom e-Learning Course is our online introductory training course. In this 2-hour training course, teachers, social workers, and administrators will learn how to introduce and manage all aspects of the program for use in classrooms and other learning spaces.

This interactive E-Learning course engages participants with experiential learning, video lectures, reflection questions, group discussion threads and short comprehension quizzes to develop expertise in the program, as well as a personal understanding of the practice.

Topics include: Stress & the Brain, Mindfulness, the Relaxation Response, Tips for Teaching, and Calm Classroom Behavior Guidance. 

Teachers, social workers and school administrators will:

  • Learn how to introduce the program to students, peers and parents in a meaningful way
  • Understand the science and research behind the program 
  • Learn how to effectively implement the Student Ambassador Program and train Student Leaders in order to support student engagement
  • Create their own daily implementation structure
  • Gain access to worksheets, roll-out schedule, checklists and videos to share with students 
  • Receive a printable completion certificate at the end of the course (Note: This course may not qualify for CEU's if completed outside of district-wide rollouts.)