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Calm Classroom Kit

Calm Classroom Kit

Calm Classroom Kit

*Audio tracks are not yet available in Spanish.

The Calm Classroom Kit includes all of the tools a teacher, social worker or administrator needs to effectively implement the Calm Classroom program. 

The kit includes:

Calm Classroom Manual & Audio Tracks

The Calm Classroom hard-copy manual includes over 40 scripted techniques that can be easily taught by teachers and students. The audio tracks contain recordings of the techniques for teachers to use in the classroom or on their own.

Calm Classroom Academy Online Training Course (1-Year Subscription)

Our 2-hour online training course is designed to train teachers, social workers and administrators on how to introduce and effectively manage all aspects of the Calm Classroom program.

This interactive course engages participants with opportunities to practice the techniques, answer reflection questions, and take short comprehension quizzes to develop expertise in the Calm Classroom program.

Topics include: 

  • Stress & the Brain
  • Mindfulness
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Tips for Teaching
  • Calm Classroom Management

Focusing Chime

The Focusing Chime can be used for the “Bell Focus” technique as well as to begin or end any Calm Classroom technique.

Student Ambassador Poster Set

This poster campaign is designed to empower students by giving them simple responsibilities that prepare the classroom to transition into and out of Calm Classroom.

Any Time, Any Place Poster Set

This poster campaign is designed to assist students in learning how to apply Calm Classroom to their everyday lives by introducing them to three techniques that they can practice at any time, anywhere.