How to get started:

Getting started with Calm Classroom is easy! We've included a description of our products below; just select the option that best suits the needs of your classroom.

If you are new to teaching mindfulness, we recommend enrolling in our e-Learning Course or purchasing a Calm Classroom Kit (includes e-Learning).

$25 USD
  • Hardcopy Manual of Choice
  • 1-year Portal Access
  • Digital Manual
  • Audio Recordings
  • 2-Hour e-Learning Course
  • Ambassador & Any Time Posters
  • Focusing Chime
e-Learning Course & Manual
$65 USD
  • 2-Hour e-Learning Course
  • Hardcopy Manal of Choice
  • 1-Year Portal Access
  • ALL SIX Digital Manuals
  • Audio Recordings
  • Ambassador & Any Time Posters
  • Focusing Chime
Calm Classroom Kit
$105 USD
  • 2- Hour e-Learning Course
  • Hardcopy Manual of Choice
  • 1-Year Portal Access
  • All Six Digital Manuals
  • Audio Recordings
  • Ambassador & Any Time Posters
  • Focusing Chime

Try a Calm Classroom Practice!

In today’s world, the stressors of daily life can cause both students and teachers to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious.

Take a minute to try Calm Classroom along with us, and see how it feels to experience a Calm Classroom practice from the perspective of a student.

Benefits of Calm Classroom

Calm Classroom provides practical mindfulness-based tools to help us manage stress and achieve emotional well-being. Benefits of regular practice include:

• Reduction in Stress & Anxiety
• Improved Student Focus
• More Effective Classroom Transitions
• Improved Well-Being & Self-Care Principles

How Easy is Calm Classroom?

Simple to Learn and Teach

Our scripted mindfulness techniques can be read aloud or played through audio recordings, and can be led by teachers and students alike!

Takes Less Than 3 Minutes

Most practices take less than 3 minutes from start to end. Practicing 3x per day can provide great self-care benefits with only a small investment of time.

Fits Into Your Schedule

Calm Classroom practices are designed to fit easily into classroom transitions so that students--and teachers--can relax, focus, and be ready to learn.

Calm Classroom Testimonials

“I have seen many programs come and go in the Chicago Public Schools and Calm Classroom is one of the few that I embrace with my whole heart. It is intentional, well researched, and consistent. The message is simple and elegant. It works.”

“The few, but powerful, minutes of Calm Classroom every morning and afternoon are some of the most meaningful, stress-free moments in each of our school days.”

“I believe Calm Classroom has helped the overall environment of the classroom. It keeps me calm when I feel rushed or stressed and makes me recognize my own emotions. I think the students feel better when they have a chance to take a breath and relax their mind.”

“I teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To watch my students execute Calm Classroom is absolutely AMAZING! It REALLY helps them  regulate their frustrations and anxieties.”

Calm Classroom has changed the whole dynamic of my classroom. My children are able to self-regulate their emotions more easily.”